• People say the kindest thingsā€¦

    • "Allan is as passionate as it gets! We aren't "photo people" and it helps to have someone remind you and guide you without making it awkward. He does a great job in capturing our personalities into the picture. He will go beyond to get a nice shot, climbing on top of trees for the perfect angle, getting wet in the water to get the right view and lighting or whatever it is you need for a great photo! He definitely goes above and beyond! You won't get someone who loves what he does more, and it definitely shows in his character and work."

      - Minh & Kathryn (tied the knot on 08/23/2014)

    • "After going to bridal event after bridal event and speaking with all the photographers at the booths, we couldn't find a photographer that understood what kind of wedding we were having, until we met Allan. We were having a Chinese/Laos/Thai wedding, so we needed someone that understood at least the Asian traditions and what it entails. He went above and beyond for us. We were so happy and grateful we chose him."

      - Don & Sophie (tied the knot on 09/06/2015)

    • "I'm so glad I hired Allan to be our wedding photographer. He has such a creative eye and goes above and beyond to capture the most perfect picture. Our family and friends couldn't stop raving about how beautiful all the pictures were! At our reception, Allan even surprised my husband and I withe a photo collage where guests can sign in. If you're looking for an extremely talented, patient, and dedicated photographer, then please check Allan out! He and his team are amazing. =) "

      - Truyen & Julie (tied the knot on 01/02/2016)

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